You can not stay here tonight.

I made a big mistake when choosing my wife.


This fruit doesn't taste good.

Have you ever sewed on a button?

Jinchao went from one shop to another trying to find what Stephen had asked him to buy.


The ice is melting.


The name sounds familiar.

What took you so long?

Pro baseball is interesting these days.

Would you mind showing Rajendra around the city?

The watermelons this year are unusually sweet.

I understand their feelings.

Where did you buy all this?


They're being evacuated.

Can you update our software?

She looks so fake.

I am not married.

"Sit down, please," he said.

I've found this website to be extremely useful.

Are you correct?

You have only to go there.

One thing I've always wanted to do is run my own restaurant.

Vicki fell in love with Emmett at first sight.

Lance thought nothing of it.


Everyone but Clay seemed to enjoy the party.


You see? It wasn't so hard.


I want you to think about that.

Without Spencer's help, Herb would have failed.

Would you like to take a recess?

The USA is composed of 50 states.

The check, please.

I am peeling apples.

Holly got himself a drink.

Applications are accepted until tomorrow.

Mahesh's behavior at the party was inexcusable.


Brad's mind is shot to pieces as a result of heavy drug use.


Eva is cleverer than me.

Skef is a mastermind.

Go to the hardware store and get screws.


Are you sure this is it?

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Many parents take pride in their children.

I'm from Estonia.

How pretty!


All oil-rich countries should be invaded and annihilated by US forces to protect their civilian populations and teach them democracy.


The Swiss flag has only two colors, not three.

I was moved to tears in spite of myself.

That child fell into a profound sleep.

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Patterns of married life are changing a lot.

This plant is dying for want of water.

The log is full of dampness.

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We saw that a nail was stuck in the tyre.

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That's how it all began.


I have a wart on the nose.

The following is thought to be one of the reasons stress damages the stomach's mucous membrane.

Lum decided to learn to live with the problem.


I'll buy a pen from him.


That's a comforting thought.

Debbie closed his eyes and listened to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach.

You're a teacher, right?

This feels wrong.

The atmosphere can become rather strained.

Let's go meet him.

May he live long!

In Japan, school starts in April.

Lance mistook me for my older brother.

It's too late to visit him.

Guillermo and Reiner rarely go out.

This is a mechanical toy.

Po asked Shean to open the window, but she wouldn't.

Ima made Juan a doll.

"Clyde is cute." "So is Alice."

He speaks Portuguese.

Jarmo heard the sound of a door being shut.

We elected Jack chairman.

Math was never my strength.

Dan promised Linda more.

No one has been murdered.

I quitted playing the drums.

Take what you need.

Finish frying the potatoes.

Jeffrey kept screaming.

Something is wrong with this washing machine.

Doubling down is a terrible idea if you already have 20.

I think I need a lawyer.

Niall came up to Tad at the party and told him she had a crush on him.

I don't think Eric wants any help.

A monastery once stood here.

I'm sorry if my words hurt you.

You've got a dirty mind.


We've never seen Kolkka this angry before.

I cannot look on anybody as a national hero with the exception of Shigeo Nagashima.

I just moved in yesterday.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this definition of success?

My mother has a driver's license, but she doesn't drive a car.

We went on a picnic at the lake.

You don't like chocolate, do you?

She has ten children.

Everyone is talking about Raj.

What are some foods you only eat in the evening?

Miek was as poor as a church mouse.

I was afraid of her having been punished.

What does it feel like to always have people following you around?

Is there a clock in either room?

I want us to stay together.


My father has been washing his car since this morning.

That is a very good thing.

Ah, so!

It may be a lie that the young are made to believe they can do anything they like; achieve anything; become anything, because by definition we cannot all be extraordinary. Yet, it may be productive to instill in children the hope and will to strive to become their best.

The Treasurer's budget speech was punctuated by regular shouts of "Hear, hear!" from members on his side of the House.


You can see the ancient ruins in the distance.

Why don't you go back to the hospital and see how Victor is doing?

Jerome came to see me just the other day.

I really want to do better.

My sister's skinny and me, I'm chubby.


Tell me what you wrote.

During the eclipse, the moon became blood red.

You'll learn in time that a stitch in time saves nine.

Hey, is that a demonic duck of some sort?

Hi honey, I'm home.

Do you remember any words in Finnish?

The visitor sat across from me.

Which hospital did they take Hui to?

Bea turned on the kitchen faucet.


Dan finally realized that Linda was right.

What can I do with the leftover vegetables?

They are in the same camp.

I don't give a fig.

He walked home.

For me, that is not a problem.

At night, I put my bell pepper plants at the open window, so they can harden off a bit before I plant them outside, cause now they still have such thin stems.


She gave us a vague answer.

I figured out what we need to do.

What did you have?

She has a short attention span.

I hope no one was injured.

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He quit smoking cold turkey.


Turkeer didn't attend that meeting.

All possible means have been tried.

Grab it, Rees.

I will manage my life and my thoughts as if the entire world had to be the witness of one and could read into the others.

He was billed to appear as Romeo.

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Please don't let me hear any more of that story.

It probably won't be easy.

That's a controversial theory.


Could you tell me how to get to the subway station?


I have a lot of learning to do.

I really hated you when we were both in high school.

She asked for my permission to use the telephone.

Gypsy murdered his son-in-law.

I was in China last year.

Rewrite it in your copybook please.

How about having dinner together?

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The rules are clear.

I never go to the beach.

I don't think this is all that important.

Pinochet applied a military dictatorship.

I suppose I could change a tire if I had to.

Esperanto helped me broaden my intellectual and cultural horizons.

In any case, it's always my fault.

It can't be helped.

He is weaving a carpet.

Sea otters love to eat clams while swimming on their backs.

I need to buy some new clothes.


It is our duty to keep our town clean.

Painting is another thing that I can do relatively well.

Elias stayed with me until the ambulance arrived.

Don't forget to call them.

I remember everything.